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Open edition

10 hue (gourd) seeds + double sided info sheet print out by Tina Tangiweto.

The seeds have been taken from large, big bellied hue with medium thickness rinds, orginally grown down the road at Thornton.

Packed in a small brown envelope with wormhole logo paperclip made out of copper wire from discarded laptops.


These hue seeds tie in with Āniwaniwa by Zena Elliott and Tina Tangiweto. Tina has painted on hue and other found surfaces like nikau palm spathes and cardboard boxes for this exhibition. Tina's mahi toi engages with the maramataka (Māori lunar calendar), which is often used to guide work in the maara (garden). Maybe you can try taking cues from the moon in your own backyard, and experiment with growing your own useful art materials from these hue kākano.


Plant the seeds after the last frost has passed, on a Tangaroa moon phase if you can. Hue vines like something to grow over - a tree, fence, or bean pole is great. Tina has written some great tips on the accompanying info sheet.


All sales go towards artist fees and exhibition costs for Zena Elliott and Tina Tangiweto's exhibition Āniwaniwa, showing at Wormhole Gallery and Studio 9 July - 20 August 2022.


Thanks for your support!


Only available in New Zealand.

Please email if you have difficulty placing an order.

Āniwaniwa Hue Seed Pack

  • Shipping within Aotearoa New Zealand is $5.60 standard post + $4.60 Rural Delivery.

    In-person collection is also available. Please collect from the gallery during open hours when notified :-)

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