Open edition

Green commercially prepared water-based ink

Printed on 6" x 8" (152mm x 203mm) cold-pressed 200gsm cotton rag paper


These prints were created using a fragment of a previous artwork by Casey Carsel. The large patchwork, knobl-soup!, which hangs from the ceiling in you'd be home by now, was also shown at the 2021 Auckland Art Fair.  At the Art Fair, small pieces of cotton with embroidered edges were sprayed with garlic scent and accompanied the patchwork. Visitors were invited to take these home, but some were left over.


We’ve added more embroidery to one of the fabric pieces - the artist's and gallery's name, and a picture of a "Wandering Jew" creeper - and used it as a printing plate. The embroidered cloth has been inked up and pressed onto paper to create each of these prints. 


All sales go towards artist fees and exhibition costs for Casey Carsel's exhibition you’d be home by now, showing at Wormhole Gallery and Studio 14 May - 25 June 2022.


Thanks for your support!



Please note:

Due to the nature of this process, each print has slight variations. Ink coverage may differ from the image shown here, and the tail ends of the threads may be in different positions.


Only available in New Zealand and USA.

USA orders will close on 24 June 2022, and will be shipped by the artist when they return to America.

Please email if you have difficulty placing an order.

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  • Shipping within Aotearoa New Zealand is $5.60 standard post + $4.60 Rural Delivery.

    Shipping to USA is for a limited time only. Orders must be placed before 24 June 2022, and will be shipped when Casey returns to America.

    In-person collection is also available. Please collect from the gallery during open hours when notified :-)