Limited edition of 20 prints


NGĀTI PŪKEKO Hōrū (red baked ochre)

NGĀTI AWA Kerewhenua (yellow clay)
Printed on 6"x8" cold pressed 200gsm cotton rag paper


These prints are based on the original postcards Sarah Hudson sent to Mana Whenua participants in 2020. Each one is block-printed with hand-made earth pigment ink. The pigment for the prints was gathered on outings with Kauae Raro Research Collective.


All Mana Whenua merch sales help to cover costs for this exhibition.

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Please note: only available within Aotearoa New Zealand. Due to the nature of this process, each print has slight variations. Ink coverage may differ slightly from the image shown here.

Large Earth Pigment Print - Gradient

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