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Meat Lovers

Rebecca Hawkes

April 2022

Softcover (210mm x 160mm)

92 pages


Meat Lovers is a book of poems on food, farming, and romantic folley, blending compassion and cruelty to explore the ordinary depravities of hunger and bloodlust.


‘Meat’ is a coming of age in which pony clubs, orphaned lambs and dairy-shed delirium are infused with playful menace and queer longings. Between bottle-fed care and killing-shed floors, the farm is a heady setting for love and death.

In ‘Lovers’, the poet casts a wry eye over romance, from youthful sapphic infatuation to seething beastliness. Sentimental intensity is anchored by an introspective comic streak, in which ‘the stars are watching us / and boy howdy are they judgmental’.

This collection of queasy hungers offers a feast of explosive mince & cheese pies, accusatory crackling, lab-grown meat and beetroot tempeh burger patties, all washed down with bloody milk or apple-mush moonshine. It teems with sensuous life, from domesticated beasts to the undulating mysteries of eels, as Hawkes explores uneasy relationships with our animals and with each other. 

Tender and brutal, seductive and repulsive, Meat Lovers introduces a compelling new mode of hardcore pastoral.


Meat Lovers won Best International First Collection - The Laurel Prize 2022, and has been longlisted for The Ockham New Zealand Book Awards - Mary and Peter Biggs Award for Poetry.


Rebecca Hawkes is a queer Pākehā poet and painter. Find out more about her work by visiting her website,


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Meat Lovers

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